in Georgia

All you need to know about Tbilisi

In 2013 when I arrived in Tbilisi, the city it was so interesting for me and this feeling staying inside me. I like this city so much and I hope, I will have this chance to going there always. so, I write this post to answer Why we must visit Georgia and Tbilisi. then let’s read about great Tbilisi:

Technically Georgia is located in Eurasia, but its own people describe it in a very lovely way, it’s the balcony of Europe. Yes I think that is true. Balconies are usually my favorite part of an apartment and I fully agree. I arrived with very little expectation but Georgia took me on a journey, taught me how to appreciate nature and showed me what influence people can have on your soul.

A journey into humanity and kindness. A gem between Europe and Asia and a place you will not regret visiting. This is all based on my personal experience and to date if someone asks me this very, very difficult question about the best country I have ever visited, well…. my answer hasn’t changed in years and I still say it is Georgia, the country that has left a massive impact on my life as a traveller.