All you need to know about Tbilisi


In 2013 when I arrived in Tbilisi, the city it was so interesting for me and this feeling staying inside me. I like this city so much and I hope, I will have this chance to going there always. so, I write this post to answer Why we must visit Georgia and Tbilisi. then let’s read about great Tbilisi:

Technically Georgia is located in Eurasia, but its own people describe it in a very lovely way, it’s the balcony of Europe. Yes I think that is true. Balconies are usually my favorite part of an apartment and I fully agree. I arrived with very little expectation but Georgia took me on a journey, taught me how to appreciate nature and showed me what influence people can have on your soul.

A journey into humanity and kindness. A gem between Europe and Asia and a place you will not regret visiting. This is all based on my personal experience and to date if someone asks me this very, very difficult question about the best country I have ever visited, well…. my answer hasn’t changed in years and I still say it is Georgia, the country that has left a massive impact on my life as a traveller.

Ski in Gudauri; All you need to know

Gudauri Ski Resort in Georgia

Where is Gudauri?

Gudauri (Georgian: გუდაური) is a ski resort located on the southern slopes of The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia. The resort is situated in the Stepantsminda District, along the Georgian Military Highway near the Cross Pass, at an elevation of 2,196 meters (7,200 ft.) above sea level. Gudauri lies 120 km (75 mi) to the north of the capital Tbilisi. The trip from Tbilisi to Gudauri usually takes two hours by car. The resort offers high-quality skiing opportunities. The slopes of Gudauri are completely above the tree line and are best for free-riders and are generally considered to be avalanche-safe. The ski season lasts from December to April. Heliskiing is also available throughout the season.

Heliskiing provides skiers with access to some of the finest powder snow in the Caucasus. With helicopters granted almost unrestricted access to local mountains, skiers can experience some of the most sublime runs in Europe – at altitudes between 1,500 and 4,200 meters above sea level. The helicopters drop clients off on mountain tops, glaciers, fabulous ridges, and in the hands of highly experienced guides.

Gudauri is one of the best places in Georgia for speed riding and paragliding. Here you can learn how to Speed Riding they have had only the experience of freeriding. Increase their level of speed riding by experienced instructors. Your friends and acquaintances can ride on a glider with experienced instructors.

Routes and Lifts in Gudauri

Gudauri contains several routes and lifts. The first, lower lift station is at 1,990 m above sea level and the last, top station is at 3,306 m, called Sadzele. The lifts are by Doppelmayr. The first lift is 1,010 m long (three chairs), the second is 2,310 m long (four chairs) and the third is 1,060 m long (three chairs). Over the past few years, the resort has consistently been adding new chair lifts, the most recent construction includes a speed Gondola. The lifts usually work from 10:00 to 16:00-17:00.

Gudauri Ski Resort in Georgia

Gudauri Georgia

Gudari’s Ski pass Season 2015-2016

Prices in Lari (GEL). Exchange rates on the main page. This Year you can buy UNITED ski pass for Gudauri and Bakuriani!

Gudauri Hight season
12 Dec 2015 – 10 Mar 2016
Low season
11 Mar 2016 – 15 Apr 2016
Adult Child Adult Child
1 ride 5 5 5 5
3 rides 15 15
1 day 30 20 30 20
2 days 60 40 60 40
3 days 84 57 84 57
4 days 112 74 112 74
5 days 137 91 137 91
6 days 160 107 160 107
7 days 174 116 174 116
8 days 197 131 197 131
9 days 219 146
10 days 240 160
5 days a week 143 98 143 98
Season 500 250 250 125
Night ski 10 10 10 10
All Georgian ski-resorts
Hight season
05 Dec 2015 – 10 Mar 2016
Low season
11 Mar 2016 – 15 Apr 2016
Adult Child Adult Child
7 days a season 190 120
10 days a season 260 165
Season 650 350 325 175

In Gudauri: The ski lift is free for children from 0 to 6. The Wi-Fi is free for everyone. Insurance is no longer included in the ski pass. It’s possible to pay by debit\credit card in any cash-desk.
For/With the lost things the tourists should go to the cash desks.

Georgian National Tourism Administration organized several free shuttles to Gudauri from Tbilisi and Kutaisi, but normally you can take a minibus for about 10 lari, $5.5 / person).

Do you miss Tbilisi and Georgia? Look at these 50 photos!

Tbilisi and Georgia are always so intsresting for people already lived there. Here is more than 50 photos, those toke by Pablo Ferrari and he shared in his facebook account. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. Its mazelike, cobblestoned old town reflects a long, complicated history, with periods under Persian and Russian rule. Its diverse architecture encompasses Eastern Orthodox churches, art nouveau buildings with ornate balconies and Soviet Modernist structures. Looming over it all are Narikala Fortress, a reconstructed 4th-century citadel, and Kartlis Deda, an iconic statue of Mother Georgia.














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